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These guys make our day EVERY day! This class is made up of kids from 3 to 6 years of age, depending on size and maturity.  We use karate as a way to hone the gross motor skills and the hand-eye coordination necessary as they grow older.


This class is the most common class to produce excellence.  We practice Focus, Discipline and Concentration. Grades as well as behavior improve the longer kids stay with us.


It is difficult to start something new as an adult, but we have found the best method of making the adults comfortable while learning some very outstanding techniques.  In addition, parents who practice at home with their kids have something to increase bonding.

Haedong Gumdo

We also teach Korean Sword training meant for multiple opponents on a battlefield. This is a separate martial art from Tang Soo Do and is treated as such.

Ki Gong

There are many ways to keep the body healthy and Ki Gong provides a way for us to keeping our bodies and minds healthy. We will soon be starting these classes.

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