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Rub It On

       After many years of applying muscle cream and other ointments by hand and accidentally  rubbing hands into eyes or onto sensitive areas, Master Kerry Berringer decided to make a line of products that eliminates that  problem.  Every product from Rub It On is designed to allow application of the remedy without the necessity of spilling it or getting it on your hands.

Created by Master Kerry Berringer, "Muscle" is a blend of essential oils and other natural ingredients that helps to ease the pain of sore muscles and helps to rebuild joints. It includes capsaicin derived from hot peppers which has been shown to have a beneficial effect on joints.


If there is a skin sensitivity to hot peppers, DO NOT USE this product. If there are any questions about whether or not to use this product, consult a doctor. Some people may have a sensitivity to the ingredients included and should avoid this product.

Active Ingredients:

        Clove oil, Wintergreen oil, Eucalyptus oil, Camphor, Capsaicin Extract

*Also contains Coconut oil, Olive oil and Beeswax (for .75oz twist up)

Master Kerry Berringer - "As the creator of this brand of product, I have used this and several other styles of delivery for over 10 years with excellent results. I plan to eventually make many other forms of delivery, as well as more products, available to the public."

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